I old Tom will hear from Forest reviews
. info in this video I'm just going to go the
my strategy i use on the daily chart I call the for extremely alert camera
system I'm not been using the system for quite a while it probably has a success ratio of about
seventy five to eighty percent are very very very very effective and so these
are the basic rules and i'm going to actually do some demonstration tried a
little bit of back testing for me and actually so you guys can see how
profitability is in a nutshell and how simple it is in a nutshell as well so
i'm on the euro/us daily chart as a lot of people try the euro so I just thought
this would be a good one to show the example example on to begin with the
basic rules are into after a new green candle in down move or enter after a red
can line up move stop-loss people that below or above the candle lo que no as you can imagine what we'll go over
that in a second and exit on opposing alert candle stick close I'm break even I generally put at issues
to get past 40 pips and that seems to work really well for me it whether you
know the market keeps going my way or not you know so you do get break even
tried and hello they like I said how is the market
is when i see an opposing candle close so this is just a daily candlestick
trading system and this is one of my core fundamental ways i used for trying now if you're wondering you know if you
want between trades on the daily chart with this system it's ok there's many different charts
you can use this destroyed system on a number of different car charger and also
is I like to use basic protection with this trading system as well I don't just
blindly enter try it and you'll see that as i go through the trade you'll see my
reasoning by opening trades as well and you'll see that i actually use products
section in pretty much my core fundamental aspect of that might be
actually opening up every single trial so we'll go over it and i'll show you
how what i mean by conviction what I mean by understanding of the
forex market and yeah so let's begin what I'll do is I'll just pull back
which is just a few months worth of . this is back in july two thousand twelve
now that'd be a good beginning we go through these last six or seven months now it's been
eight months actually and we'll do this daughter started with
this bottom you know ok so the core fundamental of the rules
is right what we're doing is we are looking for
an alert can now been a little candle ease when you say you got candles coming
down and got all these red candles coming down here bearish candle is right you get this big
green candle ok and it's the sign it's either the
same size or bigger than the previous candle that is a lit candle that's an engulfing candle so that is a
great trigger you enter about non pips after the candle is about here to about
here which would give you about a hundred and two pips i like the little square down square
everything down okay we'll square rooting down or up to the closest pip so I'm just going to a hundred pips on
this move now pull out my calculator so we can go through ok so i've done that one now is this candle bigger than the
previous candle it's about the same size so it's not a
good entry brought is this candle beginning his previous candle now it it's about the same size as well
so we leave that one alone as well and also see how this has been an up move as
well so we don't really want to into long until unless we get a break above
those candelaria this candelaria we would want to write into law now however this red candle here see
this red candle we got a nice bullish and bearish action
break below the lows here by the lower the bodies and so it was a good entry
candle ok let's let me little let me my phase
in ok so that's a good entry can right
there right at the stop loss above the candle lit a few pips above the candle
and like I said we we we have a breaking so we enter about here short you never know i have father my that's
going to go that went 72 peeps in our favor but I came back and hit up
breakeven because you know we never had this is the thing is with were trading
their the the daily charts here so we don't know what's gonna happen this
chart and if we stick to our rules that's what this system is on so what i
mean but i just want to quickly go it I just want to quickly explain to you what
i mean by break even now this it went 72 pips in our favor
yeah so try and let the psychology of an aspect go because what we're after was
big moves right okay this won't see me to piss in their
favor and then came back in here break even on the next candles you can see
here right now this candle here basically what we want
to see it is this candle here he took our break even which had to meet well when I look at break even i always
see it as like I like to put about four or five pips in my favor or you know
someone that you know up to you put four or five pips in your favor that way if
it comes back it's just like a short scalp you know you have lost in the
market you know if you had negative swap or anything like that you are always fun so okay now interestingly enough ok so that that one was a bit of a break
even tried now interestingly enough this one was a good and bark handle now if you want to keep your risk low
then that's up to you you don't have to enter a trade like this you can minimize
the risk by not entering however i'm i'm going to stick to the
rules right so this is a good entry candle cross move down we got a bull bar candle really happy stuff bosses under here the
moment alright so that's we put the stop rock ok below the candle yes if it keeps
going down goes below that candle then then you know you're wrong on that tried so the price actually went along with
along with a long way along with actually went along for a wall see and
then you know the market actually went back up to about here where she went
into profit here and we this is our first parish alert candle
which as you can see his is bigger than the previous can so that's an actual intersil short so
what we'll do is we'll we'll take profit on this rock first would have entered a
bad here going out here which is exactly a hundred and sixteen pics but i'll just
a hundred and ten plus ten guys are up 200 pips ok this is very conservative form of
trying but like I said you got daily papers everywhere so you can be doing multiple tried and
and you know you stick to the rules you know you're going to get losses
every now and then as I said this is an entry candle here so you put your stop loss now up to you
with the stop loss of the box . a couple of things now with the stop loss you can just put
above your candle you can actually put it about there that's up to you you decide that's what
you know that's your call and so with the entry here do we get to
break even at least ok so we didn't get to break even right
and you can cross here come across here would say this we didn't get to break even there so
that was a stop there that's a stop at all seventy five pips
on that one honest some thought people ok so back a hundred thirty part now
with this area what we needed if it's gonna be a boy we would need it to break above this
area or like a close above or we would need it to break below these bottoms
here so what we do is we come along we
haven't gotten anything like that we have one bullish candle here that almost
the park was going to go about it as you can see it's sent back down and we got
one candle stick close we got a little little bearish candle
but because it didn't break la what decently law down here wasn't
really good try and then we got a good bullish pin which
actually deep close a little bit harder than everything else is actually closed
below these clothes and this close so that's a good entry and that's what i
call that's also called a bullish pin bar and if you don't know that's a
rejection candle and that's a good quality rejection candle which you can't
ride as well so that was a good entry so we enter after that candle which is a hundred and forty eight tips
plus hundred and i'll make a hundred fifty of these tips are ok so this is a
roundup around down so i turned ninety five pips ok so basically put and do you see why
didn't enter a short here I didn't enter a short here because we
are still in this just about this range here if this candle here came all the
way down to say around here and close like just below these pin these these
candles here would be entirely different story I'll seeing movement up and we've got a
good bullish candle which is this is basic protection guys so this is a bit
of a price action let the missing as well by watching this video ok so we ran this up to this alert
candle and as you can see i like i said i like to enter non pips below and so
see how didn't go below here and we don't we don't enter I what's the word we don't need to show up because it
didn't go to live so that protected as we in turn on pics below ok so that was a fake candle however on
the next bullish candle we could have entered after it closed taller what you did you
try to listen to what well this is really difficult to do that
stop loss lines sorry guys when you stop loss here below
here see how closed above these two so that was another bullish action and so
we enter here to stop here if you don't want to be too concerned about where the
process because otherwise you do you're heading the stop loss will take care of
the trade if it goes the wrong way and it's the reason that I'm gonna explain
to you the guys in a second that's 252 pits ok so it's like 200 people turned 50
years ago sorry I'm gonna explain to you guys why does this strategy work so well as
long as you follow the rules and you follow basic process section well the reason being is the daily chart
is Barry what's the word well you gotta look at it this way if
you get a really bears close that means for a whole day the sellers had controlled the market so
the chances of it keep going in that direction he's very very hard ok the candle close
bearish if you've got a bullish candle such as this one here they closed higher than the previous
lows then what's the chance that as soon as these candolyn's it's not going to
keep going bullish you've got a high probability so what we're doing is we're using the
daily hard probability gap of the candles to keep going in your direction
and yeah you're gonna get you going to get losses you're gonna get you know small losses i
mean even if you took this trade here see how I know basic protection i said
to myself it would have to break below these low here before I would be
considering going bearish on this here and but if you didn't know basic
protection and you're just willing to take a loss here that loss would be far smaller then your
winds still ok so as you can see i'm letting the rule the market make my
decisions however like i said i'd like to see a
bear smooth and then before foolish move I like to
see a bullish move before bearish move I want to see exhaustion so what you're
doing is you you're you're seeing the Strand strength that you seen the
currency rally on bullishness like here is an example and then you seen
bearishness time to fall and this is what i call these candles here I tend to like I take notice of them but
i tend to ignore them because then they they actually mean more to me they are rejection candle but they mean
like the market is undecided however the next candle however it
presents itself is the way the market is going that is for sure so that's the way I see
these people called oh jeez and all sorts of different things to me they're
just a basic rejection it's an underside of a chick injection
candle to me so with this situation I would place my stop here and I would
enter after this bearish candle close or if you want to be more aggressive you
enter after the bears candle drops below the pin here which is right here ok and you can also put your stop loss
here if you don't know if you want to have really tight stop losses that's completely fine you make the
decision you do the testing as well goes to me I like to leave the little bit of room
in certain circumstances in other circumstances i like it to be as tired
as as as I can as a can be the reason being is because I can see in certain
circumstances I'm not risking too much even if i give
it a little bit more room so tighter depending on how little room I want to
give it it depends on your risk level so this is quite a valid stop right here
could mean it could flick up and hit you and then come back down but this is this is another valid stop
as well but it means you're risking more so if it turns around comes back around the thing is guys because this is the
daily chart candles the chances are coming around is very
very low like i said because you had a whole conviction of a whole day of
bearishness now you're into here right and you're waiting for a bullish candle close which is what you
got right here now let's read this again we had we went down to 74 pips and went
back up and you can see that would have been a break even that would have been a break-even
tapping out right there which is unfortunate ok and when strapped to your break even
and came back down so sometimes you know if you guys want
to do the testing and test to see break even works for you guys I like to do it you know you don't have
to do it you can just follow the rules to the next alert candle you know if it's a really high
probability area of a turnaround in the forex market what you can see they're a really hard
probability area then don't use a break even just just
just lock in once the market has gone are really good
amount of area in your favor first then lock in you know once it gets past hundred 20
pips or whatever you can lock in that you don't have to lock in straight away
and oftentimes I'll do that all all waited out you know and then other times
are locking and then sometimes i get stopped there and then the mark keeps
going in my direction that does happen in for us and you know as you can see
that happens right here so it does happen right the thing is you want to minimize it
when it happens because you want to make profit ok so as an example if you didn't use
the break-even system here you would have gotten could have gotten a hundred
and thirty eight tips ok or you could have gotten 65 pits you know sometimes you can just target a
certain amount of peeps - if that's what you like to do I'm to me myself personally I love to
let it ride the reason being is when you get these big movements like five six
hundred pips you're gonna get the whole lot and it's
going to really make your day on the account with little risk ok so we came all the way down here
started getting some rejection candles we got this one rejection can all right
here and let me just say this was a stop order so that was perfect in a way to 45
3 45 just under forty four pips and went to and you know my spray it on my
account is less than one pit so that would have definitely gotten to my break
even and then it would have come back on my break even and you know I would have
gotten out there and because this is a Down move here guys I wouldn't be looking to sell unless i
get one big candle up and then a bearish candle I wouldn't be looking to sell so I ignore the next candle ok so this
candle would make me take notice but to me it is still a little bit of a doji
candle so i would need a close above these closes here right right about these are body opens
here right which is what we got right here to
enter okay not really good but if you did
enter this is how you do it you want to see this is one candle and you would
enter at the close up on the next candle non pips above just here so we're about
there you want to enter and as you see it rose
all the way up to about 40 pips guys can I so put that in there ok so we did that one now this one here
was a nice bearish candle see how it's bigger than the previous candle this one
here so it shows a bearish momentum in that on the chart to place you stop
above like I said you want to be a little less
conservative you can place to stop up here maybe you're gonna get less stopping out
but you will have bigger losses when you do have losses the choice is yours sometimes i use here
sometimes i use here up to you it also depends on how much you're
risking to risk appetite everything right so I'm just gonna leave
that there because you can place it there you can place it is so ok so let's let's get back to this down
- okay so this one close like this is an entry candle right that's another 40 pips and see how at
the moment I'm sort of getting chopped in and out like the market went down all
the way over past a hundred pips but I'm getting out of this close here 1
30 at 40 pips and I know it doesn't look good at the moment but you'll see what
I'm talking about once we get a good movement no way ok so and so if I were up up 615 pics so following the rules have
been working really well so we got this nice down movement here we go down on
this candle now when we goin out it was actually an
entry so we entered nine pips above so this is what would be the beauty of
this get out on the first lit candle because the thing is that's the opposing
a lit candle ok so we want to go from trade - trade
guys with this okay and in certain circumstances now we
wouldn't because the candle didn't look enough didn't show enough conviction and
well if I see anything like that at all I'll tell you now see this candle here
in the middle this is what you call a undecided candle so these top of candles I usually ignore it's like this one I just ignore them i
just usually ignore them are in between movements are or in between movements
down I tend to ignore these daughters and
sons getting grain sometimes you can read and to me I just ignore that ok I that can be risky but that's that's
the way I tried I nor that i don't consider that a little
candle so I actually brought this up to here which is a hundred and twenty it's
been a hundred twenty I'm gonna say 830 pips on that no straps 745 pics now guys now this angle here is not as big as
this candle but it's very very close so what I would do what I would need is
I would put my stop here right just about the old system and I'd need a
movement below this level on the next candle before I want to enter ok let me go to understand that you want
to see structure broken ok and that would be my risk on this
tribe I would enter here ok which is below that candle because we
got close up so I want to see conviction before enter certain don't do more than
on pit entry here it's more like a double up exactly and
19 pip entry 20-pin tree below so I want to see that the market moving
my way ok so right so we enter here and the
market chops up and down and so we never got to break even so we can keep going now this is the sort of candle we'd get
out on it has a little bit i mean it it's an under underside account so you
could leave this one however for exits you know if you're your trade is in
profit and the market moved down quite a bit has a little bit of body I mean it can be seen as a bullish
signal so if you decide you can you can go out
how to like ignore that or I'll get out on this campus is up to you you're going to choose to get take a
hundred pips or around eighty five pips what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna get out
on this candle which is a hundred five pips on going to cite in between because
this is really up to you guys in the comments either either the system is ok together like I said in
between movements I would ignore this signal as you can
see here or here but because it's moved down 12 what 1 2 3 4 5 bearish candles i'm now thinking that possibly going to
be a turnaround also if you look to the left we've got a bit of a support zone around
here as well so there is this to me this is a little bit of a boy signal I wouldn't enter on it but I would be
concerned so I would get out so that I'm gonna take a hundred pips there i'm not
gonna take a hundred and ten like the walls i'm just gonna take a hundred now
the beauty of this system is this trading system is you just have to check
your daily charts once a day you don't have to keep coming back to your charts
and checking it this isn't a checking chart system your you let your stop-loss
do the work for you if you think it doesn't work out and as you can see
you'll see that there is more than eighty percent success with this system
now because the map it's been going down i'm not going to enter a cell signal ok that's just that that's just part of
the rules you don't enter a cell and have to have a little bit of move up
even like two candles up before you would enter cell you just can't do it it just doesn't
work in the system unless of course it's been me entering
on sideways have a little movement up no I all you'll see what i mean by that
as as the market goes along with outlook for exhaustion's here you're not going to be getting it in now
to me this is a little bit of a bullish signal but I wouldn't enter on it
because it's it's not really sort of like in between bullish signal so now we gotta bury cannot get into
that building it's already been a Down move but then
we got a bullish candle after that which is what I was expecting but this is it a
little little bit of a bullish cup formation here now it's higher than this
and it's hard on this and it's bigger than his previous candle so that's a good entry so into here and we went to our lock-in yeah at 53
pips I mean we locking up just at to the
market breaks 40 pips in profit locks in like about up to you two three four five I usually set mine yet it depends on the
market is sometimes i just said it to sometimes I said three supposed to sit
in for someone to sit at a farm it's something it's nice to be able to
get a few pips profit even if it goes to break it break even so this is a case where out of that
trade ok now this here is like a pin bar okay it's a little bit different to
these into the underside of chemistry that's not in between it's not in between the zone it's quite
nice it's a nice projection candle however just to be site because it is a
little bit smaller body I would enter on the next candle which
is right here ok so enter on this candle it either
candle close or if as it was going down I would enter enter on the next scandal so let's so let's say we just entered
just below this candle like so right which is basically the next cable
entry open write that down that went down to a hundred and thirty
two pips now this this is one thing i want to
mention to you guys as well when you come across a candle in between a
downward movement or in between upward movement and it's smaller than the
previous candle ok these little candles can be ignored ok based on the fact that it is smaller
than the previous candle what are you doing this is because you
wouldn't enter a bond that situation it's small so what you can do in this
situation and say okay right if i get a close a bomb this candle it about this level here on
there you can do that and that that allows you
to possibly get more pips I'm just going to stick to the basics SI
system of what i used to up how the system works though I'm just gonna I'm just gonna take I had
that a hundred twenty-eight people are just going to take a hundred and thirty
pics here but however you could have seen how you
could have gone all the way down here because that candle is actually smaller
than this candle ok so we now waiting for a bottom or
some sort of break out so the mentality so in a bikini just
like DP sort of area now these candles is a little bit in
between as well like i said and so the candidate before it doesn't necessarily
mean anything but it can often at Toms River it to me if you want to put these
categories and anything it's an underside of rejection so it can
be a bullish it can be a trend change and so that's something you want to pay
attention to but I don't like to enter on those I'd rather wait for the next scandal
just to see what it's doing if it's going to break higher which it did see
this candle here it broke higher than these two candles
and its body was way bigger which means that for a whole day the Bulls have a lot more control in the
market than the bears so you can enter here after this candle
on the next can on pips above like I said just to make sure it does keep
going in a direction so about here and you could you could have got now honor you couldn't have gotten out yeah and
you would have been you would have been stopped out about here yeah at breakeven would come up and then
come back down with stopped at break even now once again we got an a bearish
candle but as you can see it's smaller than the previous candle so this is a conundrum you can't enter a
trade like that you can interact if you get a bearish candle after it
like down here or if you get more momentum of a bullish candle you can
enter after that ok so what you do ok is you put you stop here this does look a little bit like a pin
bar and you tell you you know anything when you enter on this can see the
scandal here the broker bout you put you stop just below the previous candle or
you can put it just below as well that's up to you this would be a
situation where if you put the stop below you would have probably just stop
there on this candle or you would have been taking a break even now you would have been just yeah just
up there ok so right so you enter a try just here and that was another great entry there
even if we got stopped out there that would be a great entry to enter straight
afterwards as well that's nice bullish sentiment you see how long as
it's going up the depends go this way and when it's going down the pins are
going the other way that's how you can tell the difference
between an uptrend the down train on the day leads it's a little little trick so as the
market keeps going up here we take it to the next to lurk in
which is right here is a hundred twenty three pips so I just a hundred and twenty ok so this one is pretty bigger than the
previous candle so this is not a bad entry it's not the perfect scandal but it is
not such thing as a perfect you know you put you stop about here you enter here and you run that down so
that was another break even stop here boom come back up a step here and see
that's how the breakeven is protecting you in this market ok so now i want to put your eyes on
these cannot now I know it hasn't fallen much so this one would be an optional one to
enter in fact I'm not even going to enter it even though i did put the signal behind
it with what i like to do is have released to ken was going down before
entering a bull signal so i'll leave that one be now we got all this move up here we got
these nice bearish candle right here which is a perfect we had one two three
four five so definitely had probably getting some exhausting here we we get a
nice . candle here but however it's not as big as the previous candle and so
what's the rule there we have to enter below the previous
candle close so we can enter about here you see this bottom of this close as
like a support like a minor support area and so when it gets below that the
market will tend to just keep going in that direction so there's your risk and
there's your entry so you enter in here you can roll that
down to here which is a hundred and two peeps yeah so we'll put that it is a hundred ok now we've got down here in this area we
got this bullish candle now we have not broken about this and to me I would be
waiting on wait for a break above here above the zone c design here right so like about here I'd like to enter
this one I place my stop below that area and I would enter here so I
know all you can place it down here actually that'd be more like it just a
couple of pics below there so now it seems it breaks about that you know that
it's most likely going up just from the way the candles look on the daily we got the highest probability you can
just enter afterwards like it because this is a pretty big bullish candle we've had process move down three
candles at least two or three candles so that's a good what I mean by the down move then you
want the up move now that that shows that this bullish conviction in the
market this is it is a little bit more conservative approach entering there now
you see this candle there the cameras i'm told that you can or see that's
right in the middle they like him undecided owed you so you
can ignore them that this candle you would not ignore the reason being is it
it it even though it it it it it's got little body it went all the way up here and came
back down so that's what I call an awesome pin bar it's showing selling pressure and that
would be a great entry as well after that non-people of course so let me just what happens when that's
250 pips this the place you stop here not home it doesn't have to be that far
away from the and this is sort of telling you where
the resistance zone is right so you want the market to move harder if
he think he gonna be wrong so you enter about here and as you can
see the market did keep trying to come back in it's free you know being very aggressive
and its trying to come back in definitely would have been stopped out
at break even somewhere around here in here and then
you would have been waiting for another cell entry this is this is a pin by here but
because the bullish pin bar it wouldn't be a hundred percent this is
a bearish pin bar but foolish action so it's something that you would be like
you know you'd be thinking about we mean you could have entered most
likely i mean all if you entered here oh no that's when you got stopped at a
break even so you wouldn't have been today arm this one here you could have entered even though it's not a great candle know
and you know you can you stop by the candle i'm pretty sure that would have possibly
come up and hit your candidate but in any and if it did it did come up and hit
you that that candle there are no you would it actually wouldn't have mattered
actually yeah so you went to 45 46 pips and then it
came back up so it doesn't matter that that the thing is just follow the system
you're going to get losses just accept the losses Erica but then
they just happen every now and then guys so you can't really move this ok so that would have been that one
there right now you got this great bearish candle here
its body involved this one this one this one this one so that's a great engulfing
candles basically saying like and that's what they actually call often like
something like a belt or something like that and it's basically where the market
actually jumps up and then drops down so this was a great entry to enter
around here you put your stop up here yeah into about here on this can you
write it down to here ok so that was a hundred and ten picks
that one you know you got a nice spin by here on
this one here so that was a nice little pin bar that's a great little entry if you ask
me and yeah you just open that got to about here 40 that would be in forty
four pips 48 pips and then it actually came down and actually tapped you out at
break even and then no this is not a good entry
candle uh yeah you you give you probably could
have yeah actually never think about it I mean always sitting there was a tapped
out now you have tapped out there and so you
possibly could have gone short here will you stop here and yeah it just went to break even
again and ban and now i'm with this this this is actually interesting this is actually a massive candle you
you know these ones are actually quite unfortunate when this happens because
you like while we should get in on that hole move so I mean if your breakout
trader would be entering about here this area where this line is it however
if you're not break out trading it in just funny look camera system you would
have taken from entering here would have been an entry about here and you would
have gotten out here which is about 30 30 pips now he's a nice bearish candle begin the
previous can you please stop loss here write it it is a little bit closer guys
but some reason I'm i'm having trouble putting these lines they so look a bit
crazy you know so I'm doing my best guys so yeah there
we go ok so you could have ended after that
and that could it that this could actually be a lost this one now that's another break even the break
evens tend to protect your account when the market is going over the same time
you would probably got more moves in your favor if you didn't use a break
even armed so yeah okay so now we've got this big
bullish candle here it's bigger than this previous candle and it's so you
know place to stop probably conservatively below these pins here his previous two pins you enter above
which you did open and you just wait it out because you can see just keep going
going and going into you know you didn't get to break even by the way guys I'm
just have a look in a different didn't get to break even see your ride it out
and you could have you know this is like our target is this candle here is
smaller than the previous candle so if you want you can actually ignore
that candle and you can keep going if you don't ignore you'll get 70 pips if you do ignore it you'll get well see
in in my normal trading i would get out on this pin bar just because his pin bar is a great
rejection candle in general enforce it just means rejection that's exactly what
it means but let's say we just get out following the system waiting for the
alert candle which is a hundred 30 pips ok so that now that's a great entry by
the way guys now with this one you would want to put
your stop here and you would want to enter so you entered so you entered on this
candle this bearish pin bar then you would you would enter about here or if
you enter want to enter after this bearish engulfing then you would enter
non pips below here so you wouldn't enter until here right now and that went 51 pics there which
basically stopped our breakeven that tray and so then you know I got pretty
much a perfect entry again here these candles are almost the same size ok so being a bit frustrating again ok so let me just put it up there so this is basically the same size that
is what they often referred to in for X as a railroad and you know you just
enter what I do that feel it converts conservative into just below these
closes here to be entering about here put an order right and then you write
that down to the next load candle which was right to hear 97 pips output on for
this phone now that's a good entry because it's
bigger than the previous candle there so you put your stop below enter on this
candle and you brought it up to the next alert
candle which is here and hold on just 41 41 year for the hips ok so this one here right so put this here enter a short about here right and you
write that down to got here which is 60 pips what a great self this was it this end
up being as well so ok now I up this this candle here is
bigger than these previous two candles with the underside cancer looks like the
ball was trying to control their bit of support area here as well so i would be
entering long here in this situation right here i'll be putting a stop here
and let's save it at least not to break even - entered about here went up to 43 40
pips and I'm gonna say this is just too close to 40 i'm going to say this
actually is a loss which is a loss of about seventy seven peeps I'm going to
say a lot of 80 pips not everything can be winners guys ok so
this stop this distance but as you can see this is hard probability the way
this this candle here is another bearish engulfing which totally took out the
lows there you enter below stop loss there you know that if it goes
back up there you're it's most likely going back up that's a doji candle so you can ignore
that can write that down to here which is a hundred and forty four pips so put that is a hundred and forty now
this one is bigger than the previous candle here it shows a lot of bullets
conviction there so that could be a possible turn around so you enter a long
you put your stop loss here a lot of the candle that you could put it here up to
you and then you enter long non pips above yeah we didn't get to break even so that ended up being a loss down here
for a hundred a hundred pips ok so now these ones are quite small so
i wouldn't use those bullets conviction this bearish candle yeah it's ok but mm-hmm it's not the right sort of formation for
me if you did enter it that yeah well that would be lost just take
that one is a loss as well oh no wait and it didn't break lower
than that candle that's actually basically usually when the bank's it's
time to buy they will actually buy at the beginning of the candle usually the candle start now actually
literally bar right to be the kind of start so if i put my stop here below
this cannot say about here as soon as that candle started just whacking their
millions or whatever and they bought it up and that's very very common you'll
see that you know on the daily candles especially and when the accident
happened to turn around said it looks like to me that you know what we could
get a massive turn area in the forex market possibly over the next few guys
I'm so that's a good buy entry there as well after that i'll be very very happy
to buy their and the bar here it didn't get to break even and possibly
that would have been yeah i'll say that a loss as well about a hundred sixty people loss so overall going over a hole to bed
seven or eight months worth of data there with the daily a candle alert
system made a total of bat 7th seventeen hundred pips who went just under 2,000
people in the end there we sort of cut back a little bit as we took a few lost
rides that's ok that's part of the training
system as you can see very very profitable very very high reward to risk
ratio with this system and yeah it can just be trying over and over again and
you can use it on any time frame I want to show you one more HR just
before I go because this is the Euro us and it doesn't tend to move very often
so i'm going to show you our another chart just quickly and this is what i
call this is one of my favorite currency pairs it's called the GBP museum and you
just see what I mean here in a moment and the price action really works really
well on this and other show you an example I'll just go through a few tribes ok ok
so you see how we got this bullish candle here that went above these two
candles when higher than these two candles that meant that was a good entry
right to enter the above 90 pips above make sure and you're right up to the next alert
candle which is 412 tips ok now here be getting all these pins okay we got exactly what we exited was
actually quite a nice bearish candle this one here not too bad but we want
that we want to open colloquy want to open below right want to put it stopped
up about here just below just above that previous pin and we want to open below now we had some sort of weed weekend
action that sort of happened you can tell this is a weekend action thing but
then the market really sold off really well and if you ran that down to the
next alert candle I'll just clear this so there are ants the first one first
time we just did was 400 now it broke ok so he broke below bad
here properly I mean we could have gotten in on this
green candle he had say and so we're in a bit of negative territory for now ok but then the market actually did sell
off so this was actually a risk of about 200 pips on this tribe so yeah you're gonna be risking more on
the juubi New Zealand but you're going to be getting much more wins when it
when it goes your wife so here we go I'll write this down to
the next to load candle that's a 480 pips ok now he's another he's a he's a
beautiful one and i'll explain why if you look to the left you'll see that
there is actually this was a great good support zone right here and you see that
it's right in line in fact if i draw the line up to this stone you can see why we
had support action here basically ok now we we don't know if this is going
to continue into a Down trend you've got to always expect that these
areas could be respected this is a great entry this candle and we
put a stop below and we went along here which went up a hundred and 60 pips yeah and I mean even if you just lost on
the side if you are you small traders you know you just want to take a hundred
two hundred 50 pips there's no better way than the alert
candle system i tell you that now if you just follow my rules and just talk and
just put a brake cable of 45 pics or whatever you would have been breakeven
out on the next tribe now ok now let's move across here you see
how these bearish candle came and actually closed on the line that tells me that still being
supportive we need to close below see how this one is on the line as well but
it's not really fully valid because why it's smaller than the previous candle in
the next candle it close below the line this is a sport line guys are close
below it but do we have a new candle to enter on
now we done this candle here pull back up so it's still respecting
this support line then finally we got a candle below the support and it broke
and it closed down here right so we had a new candle down here so these told us that we had a good
entry down here so you place you stop here or what I
often do as well just place to stop just above the support zone so you know
that it's now probably resistance so it comes back up it's just going to pin it
and then come back down up to you you decide now if you write
that one down that would have been a deep it's that one there ok and see that candles bigger than this
previous candle here and so that went all the way up to 150 pics there and
then come back down a break gave them right and see it's not really much of an
up move so i wouldn't be interested in selling just yet but if you did even
though it's like it's just two candles if you did yeah you would have been knocked out a
break-even again then you got this nice conviction bullish candle right and it
is a bit PE it is a bit the rejection the left side we did take
that one wrong and I think that went to pass 40 but let's say you didn't you
would take the loss of about a hundred seventy pics let's take a loss ok now we've got an undecided candle yeah right which can be a bearish signal
but we don't know on and then we got a massive sell-off in fact when it got
passed here we sort of knew that this would be a mess of self we can't answer that because you're not
entering after you can decide to enter after that tried it's up to you I mean you can you would
have been tapped down at break even you mean you would have entered here that's an unbelievable amount of risk to
see if the market keeps going to went 66 pics in your favor and then the bullish
candle moved up which would have been a great entry by the way I know that the
previous candle is bigger so you might want to stick stayed out of
that one yeah you might want to start out the
next one as well and then the next one you might want to you know like you
might have thought myself well you know like this is up to you if you did stay
in the market here this can open it see how it separated
from this big candle here if you did stand it we would have gotten all the way up to
here for two pit now I mean at the maximum you could have gotten 270 pips so let's move along now let's move on to
this one which we know is a good price action signal it's got all the the characteristics we
like it it's bigger than the previous candle it's the markets moved up it's bigger
than the previous candle and close below that previous candle has quite bearish so we like to enter on those ones we
enter here and we write it down you know like sometimes in certain
circumstances would you saw that its poor there you might want to just get
out there but if you're following our lit candle system you actually would have gotten more you
would have actually going all the way down to here which is it closed at three
hundred and 80 pips there ok and see how the can is a little bit
smaller than the bearish candle that's one where you know you could
enter and if you want but according to my system of how I tried I like a bigger bullish clothes or a
bigger bear is closed so I wouldn't enter on that one so anyway let's put their three ID here
this is not about for trades by the way we're up eleven hundred pips you see how this is enclosing below this
area and actually even got this marked on the chart here because i'm sort of
watching the price section i'm waiting for a break above or below this time but
not below this area I'm waiting for a break above my boss is
very bullish on this currency pair at the moment it's extremely undervalued so I'm waiting for a break above this
area before i'd be interested in actually getting into two trading it
again and as you can see the markets just been
moving sideways and sort of ranging really the moment here and I mean let's
let's have a look at one more let's have a look at a couple more signals here
just what time he's another prepare students got all the characteristics it's bigger than the previous candle
it's bigger than the previous candle here - it's all you know and it
basically it's basically it engulfing the previous can't leave it is telling
the signal of you know you can put your stop here or here it's telling the signal that you know
sell me this once trying to tell you on the daily chart so if you jumped in here you could have
had an easy hundred pips they're just been straight down to that alert candle
there now that candle is not bigger than the previous candle so it's most likely not a good entry but
however if you got another bullish candle afterwards you definitely would
be interested and if you did get in if you did decide to take that one you would have hundred people off so you
would have had a hundred people game hundred pit loss to me not not not valuable enough it's not the
perfect pin bar to me these are better-looking pin bars to
meet the other matter really move down the pin bars were at the low this should be down here to be a good
pinback so anyway we got this big bear signal here and it came up and then it
came down that's one you could enter underneath as
well and that's up to you and see this one here as well it's like it had all
the characteristics now this is a perfect pin bar here is
perfect pinga beautiful this candle here that's what i call
close enough to me that's close enough close enough to arm the same size as the
previous candle where you can actually set okay that is a barrister here's another perfect signal right here
guys see this awesome so that one would have gone all
the way down to the Select can because this is a bit of an ignore candle five
hundred pips man and then see this next candle here beautiful bigger than this candle
beginning this candle and white guys the Bulls have control now boom boom boom all the laptop here 280
pips to any pics + 500 pics just before two trades here right here beautiful
trades guys yeah and they're everywhere ok so that's a little bit about the
alert candle system if you have any questions feel free to ask me this is a daily trading system that you
know you can use basically on all charts all time frames I'm and basically just looking at the
the whole characteristic of it you just you just looking for my case here's an
example of this that is just that just not bigger than this but it's so close
and then on the next Kendall it breaks below this previous candle so then that could be a good entry so
you put your stop above it's about understanding how to read the
candles guys so you put your stomach Bob and also how
much you really want to risk because you know let's look at this right you've got with
no technical understanding and 4x you have about fifty percent chance of
success right fifty-fifty the market can go up we can
go down if you just place to buy or sell order the market that has a fifty
percent chance roughly going up again if you have no technical knowledge it's just like flipping a coin but if
you have technical knowledge you understand what the candles are saying then you can increase that that's what
this does this is increasing the probability I
understand this is the daily movement that the Bulls the Bears have had
control all the balls of her control so you know it's most likely going to
keep going your way and broken below the lows of the previous day or eats or it's
bigger than previously again that's what these big a
bearish engulfing can like I said he into here into here and then look it's
sold off all the way down to here 320 pitches thrown 29 pips this was a perfect one example it close
below these candles here so it went up to did you put what well that would work too but autumn and
it this look like a bit of a resistance zone for a few days 0 it came up here in the market sold off
so this is a really good entry good place to stop just there you enter about
here and and i actually did trade these ones I just I'm just moving I was trying them on the on the 4-hour
chart but i did tried they see and I mean you can eat but beyond the four
hours I managed to get out of all these bottoms as well so this actually went
down 223 pips and then it came back up i mean if you just were waiting for the
alert system you would have gotten stepped at snap down and about at break
even you're going to turn 20 pips and then
getting taken out breakeven that can be harmful that comes up but you know if
you're just wanting to follow the system you follow the daily candles very easy
system to follow and it works it just works time and time again guys he's another one here we have the
perfect bigger than the previous candle and you enter after and I pretty much
did the same thing you went straight down here that 70 pips quick easy 70
pips no questions asked not too difficult
guys here's another one into in this is if you are you closing the local channel
and forty IP especially 50 pips guys if you can if you just rode answer i'm just
100 pips and well the way 230 pips down here right in fact in if you just want to have a
target with this system of just say look guys I'm just targeting a hundred and 50
pips every time I don't care about the alert
candle close you can pretty much get that on nearly every single tribe take
this one as an example right went down from here 280 pitch man then came up in a lit candle close down
just about a hundred right let's have a look at another one this one here when
all the way down to 300 in 30 pips but if you've gotten out of a hundred
and 50 pips you would have gone now here seems like you know you got out the
loads you know quite a safe way of training you know with this one if you're getting
out a hundred and 50 pips like this is like a lot of trying to do they just
they just create a sit profit amount I'm there risking 120 pips here to get a
hundred and fifty pick a hundred bills but guess what if you roll into the load
count is four hundred pips I prefer to take small profit sometimes
and then take massive profit with it when it in the market actually goes my
way I just prefer that guys sometimes I can
you know I've had trade my record trade was over a thousand pips I mean and I've had Rick and I've had
quite commonly trade of 33 three hundred four hundred pips you gotta ask yourself is that better
than four then I than 150 pics or is that better than 200 pips the choice is yours it go through do
your back testing have a look have a look and see how this
strategy works see if it works it's working for you guys as well and he's a
perfect example here these green candles in here so you gettin chopped up but see how the
green candles are smaller than the previous candle they're almost in a way telling you to
stay in just just wait just wait for the same
time you know you can get and running these cameras it's completely fine and
completely understandable i do all the time I'd like to if I'm using the local
system i like to just stick to a little lit candle system because as soon as the
ball start getting back in they can get back in really quick and then you're out
and it and I just wanted to really consistent why I don't really have to
pay attention to the charts too much i entered the tried even if the trail is
good i enjoy the tried if it doesn't look I don't into the truck and the
bigger like I said that big in the previous
candle entry is it it seems to work really well and if it
it's not bigger can look and see the clothes he had to put an order in the
blow here just below the low there so I that if the price goes down there it's
mostly to keep going and that's that that's the basics of a system that here
with the daily alert candle so thanks for watching guys and I'm I'll
speak to you again soon I'm if you have any questions feel free
to ask your comment below and thanks for thanks for watching and have a great
with the diet and by the way before you go and feel free to like me on facebook
share this video around or here comes my stock force reviews . info add your name
and email to my email list and yes subscribe guys and I'll speak to you
again soon okay -

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