Social media marketing and mobile app development are hot topics on the mind of every marketer. These topics should be on the minds of every business owner, too. If you have recently begun re-selling mobile apps, there is a good chance you may be a marketer yourself and thus far from needing any convincing that advertising this new facet of your business on Facebook is a main priority. However, you may be unfamiliar with the idea of marketing white label apps via Facebook, especially when it comes to managing ad spending and maximizing returns.

Facebook is a particularly advantageous channel for mobile apps. When it comes to advertising apps, more businesses use this social media channel than any other. And for good reason. Not only does Facebook allow brands to connect with consumers all over the world, its platform allows for potential clients to engage directly with the apps and content you have created. There is also a good chance that your competitors are already present and attracting clients through this channel.

Creating successful marketing campaigns on Facebook is a great way to boost yourself in the eyes of consumers,as a leader in affordable, functioning, and innovative mobile apps. To help guide you through reselling mobile apps via Facebook marketing (and maybe give you a few creative ideas of your own), here are a few key steps that will help make your campaigns (and your business) more prosperous.

Understanding Your Audience or Niche

Before you launch any social media campaigns on Facebook, you have to know who your audience is. A lot of white label app marketers will target a specific type of business, whether it is bars, restaurants, hotels, gyms or another type of small business. It’s imperative that you understand the demographics of your audience.

The goal is to optimize your Facebook marketing costs by targeting only the consumers that would benefit from having you as provider of their mobile app solution. This ensures that you work with businesses that match your unique skillsets and expertise. Thus, you produce better quality apps and build a stronger brand and reputation in the industry.

The better you are at targeting your audience, whoever it may be, the less money you will waste putting your name in front of people who have no interest in your business.

Producing a Clear Message that Highlights Your USP

Now that you have your audience picked out, the next step is to work on creating the message that will attract members of that audience. Facebook is a unique channel in that users spend only a few moments, sometimes just a second, looking at any one post or message. This means you have a very, very limited window of opportunity to not only grab their attention, but also to demonstrate the value of your mobile apps and (hopefully) get them to act. To achieve this, your marketing messages have to be clear, concise and demonstrate your Unique Selling Point (USP).

Your USP is exactly what it sounds like; it is the one aspect of your mobile app offerings, or your company, that cannot be replicated by competitors. Perhaps, it is your unmatched focus and expertise within the industry you have chosen to focus on. It may be your out-of-the-box creative team. There may be more than one aspect, but the key is to keep the clarity of your message intact. Often, this means focusing on one USP and adopting it in your marketing messages, images and videos.

Launching Your Facebook Campaign

The goal of every Facebook campaign is the same. While getting lots of reach and engagement is good, ultimately you want conversions. You want members of your target audience to click through your advertisements or content, find your website and purchase a white label mobile app from you.

Your campaign brings everything together; it is targeted at the right audience, it has a simple message that highlights your USP and it does this in a creative and appealing way. The best Facebook marketing campaigns are the ones that deliver on what they promise. So, avoid trying to draw people in with untrue headlines or other clickbait tactics.

If you are unsure where to start with your campaign, Facebook’s Help Center has a lot of information that can help you launch your first marketing efforts on this channel. Facebook also offers their Power Editor feature, which provides an intuitive dashboard to create, manage and track new, existing and future campaigns. It can be a powerful tool, whether you are a first time Facebook marketer or an experienced veteran.

Remember, when you are making content for your campaign, the creative is much more important than the copy. When it comes to Facebook, people want to see, not read. Having a compelling image or video, with little copy, is the best route. A lot of Facebook marketing gurus swear by the 20% rule, which dictates that only 20% of the creative should involve copy.

Evaluate Success

One of Facebook’s strongest qualities as a marketing channel is that it is highly measurable. Everything your company posts on Facebook has trackable metrics, which can allow you to better understand the tactics that work and those that do not. These metrics, however, can get confusing to differentiate and it can be especially hard to understand which ones are furthering your current business objectives.

Click Through Rate (CTR) – Click Through Rate is the percentage of people that saw your ad or content and actually clicked through to find your website.

Conversion Rate (CVR) – Conversion rate represents the percentage of those that clicked through to the website and actually contacted you about an app, joined your e-mail newsletter, or took some other action that resulted in you capturing their contact information.

Cost Per Action (CPA) – How much did you pay in Facebook advertising and targeting to get a single person to your website where they contacted you about an app, joined your email list, or gave you their contact information in some other way? CPA is akin to cost per lead in other marketing channels.

If you are interested in generating new clients, your goal is to stimulate a high CVR, while maintaining a low CPA. Alternatively, if you were just looking to boost your brand awareness on social media, having a very high CTR is a good benchmark metric to follow.

If you are not getting the metric levels you anticipated or want to reach, chances are your Facebook marketing efforts need some tweaking. Perhaps the creative doesn’t resonate with your target audiences, or the message isn’t impactful enough. Whatever the case may be, you will know when you fix it and start seeing your metrics tend in the right direction.

Other Facebook Marketing Tactics

While the primary focus of this guide has been getting the most out of Facebook ads, there are a number of other ways to leverage social media, especially Facebook, to further business objectives.

Educate Users – Not everyone is entirely comfortable with mobile yet, especially small businesses. Sure, we use mobile all the time, but when it comes to adopting a mobile strategy within an organization, a lot of business owners are weary. While they have heard and understand mobile’s many benefits, they are unsure what exactly to expect from “going mobile.” They may still feel that a mobile solution is out of their budget. By posting educational materials (even just links to mobile-related articles), you not only stand out as a company that is routinely staying ahead of the curve on mobile trends, but you can also help inform some of these weary business owners and raise their comfort levels regarding mobile development.

Client Endorsements / Testimonials – One of the key features of Facebook that makes it such a tremendous success is the social aspect. Each one of your clients present on Facebook likely has hundreds of friends that have never heard about your organization. While it may be uncomfortable to ask a client to endorse you on social media, you would be surprised how willing most people are, especially if you agree to discount their app or provide them with another service. Asking for an endorsement not only expands your reach, but it allows that customer to feel that their voice is very valuable to you.

Share Update News – Reselling mobile apps means you are trying to get people to buy a product that is constantly changing. As mobile trends develop and customers look for new features, your reseller program will update their platform to accommodate these changes. As the updates roll out, informing your audience of new features (or old issues that are now fixed) keeps them in the know and has the potential to generate new business. Maybe a potential client looked at your offerings a few months ago, but you lacked a certain feature that they were looking for. Now that you have shared the news that you now include that feature, that person may come back.


Choosing to resell mobile apps is a great way to propel your business into the mobile age. With this guide, you can begin promoting your business through Facebook and become a leader in mobile app development in the eyes of your target audiences. You are equipped with the knowledge to successfully run a Facebook marketing campaign that keeps costs low, but returns high. You also have a number of ways to support your advertisements and marketing messages with other content, such as informational articles, client endorsements and more.

In a lot of ways, reselling mobile apps through Facebook marketing blends together two key, but different disciplines: science and art. Hopefully, what you have managed to take away from this guide has provided you with the know-how to handle the data-rich, science side to Facebook Marketing. The artistry, on the other hand, is up to you and your creative team to develop, critique and reimagine.

In the end, you will be generating more business, at fewer costs, than if you went into Facebook Marketing blindly. Not only does this give you a potential leg up on the competition, but it also allows you to focus on what is truly important; making unique, creative, white label apps for your clients and and growing your business.

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