Mopping laminate floors

Laminate floor are great for your home. However any good thing should be maintained to make it long lasting in your home. Same is the case with laminate floor also. The basic thing you need to do for caring for your laminate floor is to clean it regularly. Cleaning laminate floor regularly will help to prevent scratch or save it from getting warped. The general cleaning by sweep and dry mop would be sufficient for laminate floor. You must also go for intense cleaning at some point of time. Intense cleaning involves using mild cleaners and warm water. Apart from this, here are some of the ways you can use for cleaning laminate floor efficiently.

Sweep laminate floor regularly

Everyday dirt should be removed from the floor. Use dry dust mop on the laminate floor and clean up all the dust, dirt and debris from the floor. However laminate floor is basically scratch resistant but still if there is excess amount of hair, debris and dirt on the floor then it can cause the floor to get scratched if these all are allowed to stay on the floor for a long period of time. However if you are not intending to use dry dust mop, you can also go for using vacuum or soft brush attachment. While sweeping try to sweep in the direction               in which tiles are laid. By doing so, you will be allowed to pick up the debris which are falling the grooves of the pieces of laminate floor.

Clean up the spills instantly

Whenever there are any spills on the laminate floor, it’s better to clean it up on the very moment. Take a sponge or a cloth and instantly clean any of the spills specifically if it is a liquid spill. Don’t let any liquid spill even water sit on the laminate floor for more period of time. Liquid can damage the protective layer and it can also stain the protective layer of your laminate floor. Take a dry cloth and soak the liquid in it. Make the sponge or cloth damp before you do the spot cleaning. Make sure there is no residue remaining on the floor.

Clean laminate floor with hot water

Cleaning laminate floor with hot water is also good idea for maintaining it. Well you don’t need fully hot water, Luke warm water will be enough. When you find that you laminate floor has got visibly dirty or muddy patches are seen, you can go for using hot water for cleaning laminate floor. However it is very important to clean laminate floor correctly with hot water or else chances are there that it can leave streaks behind and that can look really dirty. There is lowest chances of damaging the protective layer of coating installed on your laminate floor if you clean it with hot water as it is the mildest cleaner you can get for cleaning laminate floor. You can also thorough mopping if the stains are extreme stubborn otherwise soft mopping will work for cleaning laminate floor.

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