Located in Corona Hills Plaza just off the 91 Freeway and McKinley, this massive fitness facility is conveniently open 24 hours a day. It was opened in the city of Corona in May, 2011, and is home to over an acre of a diverse collection of weights, cardio vascular training machines and other exercise equipment to get you ripped, pumped up and in shape. The UFC Gym is family oriented, and has a full of trainers and instructors offering various classes and programs, some even aimed at youth fitness. The UFC Gym also has a sauna, full amenity locker room facilities, and a retail gym store. (A.D.)

470 N. McKinley St., Corona, (951) 808-3850.



The Yoga Room

With an emphasis many different levels and forms of yoga, everyone from beginners to experts will find something at The Yoga Room to fit their yoga needs. This studio tends to focus on a fairly modern variation of yoga known as Bikram Yoga which is practiced in rooms heated to 105 degrees, for 90 minute sessions, which are made up of the same 26 postures and two breathing exercises. Although similar to traditional yoga, many find that the heat, intensity and sometimes strictness of instructors can be challenging and overwhelming. Others insist that this offers a stronger spiritual emotional discipline, and helps with weight loss, stress management, detoxing of the body and preventing and healing of injuries. The Yoga Room also offers classes online for your convenience. The Yoga Room is family owned, by Daniel and Shawna Head, longtime Redlands residents. (A.D.)

721 Nevada St., Redlands, (909) 335-9642; www.redlandsyoga.com.



Green Tara Yoga

For a more traditional and simple and approach to all aspects of the practice of yoga, Green Tara Yoga in Upland offers the IE community a place to relax, learn to breathe and incorporate techniques commonly used in yoga to develop better flexibility, stamina and spiritual and physical well being. Opened in 2006, this yoga studio is run and owned a group of independent yoga Instructors who united to offer more yoga Workshops than any other Yoga studio in the region. With over a dozen professionally trained and certified Yoga teachers, Green Tara Yoga gives yoga students an intimate and uplifting environment where people can work at their own pace, to explore the many spiritual, mental and physical benefits of practicing yoga. (A.D.)

1202 Monte Vista Ave., Suite 9, Upland, (909) 827-9915; www.greentarayoga.org.




CrossFit Training is a style of working out that combines weight lifting, aerobic exercise, gymnastics and body weight exercises. It is a fitness program that is based on building up stamina and strength training conditioning. CrossFit workout sessions are normally around 30 minutes or less. But they are intense, mixing it up with stretching, gymnastics,  cardio and weights. UFC is the perfect gym for these types of training sessions. It offers more than 40 classes in group sessions, ranging from Boxing Skills and Cardio Dance Grooves to X-Treme Latin Cardio and Total Core Crunch. Not to mention a full staff of fitness experts and personal trainers to help with all of your CrossFit training needs and questions. (A.D.)

470 N. McKinley St., Corona, (951) 808-3850.



Lindy Washburn

Lindy Washburn is a personal trainer at Kaia Functional Intense Training (FIT) in Redlands. But, this is no ordinary gym. Kaia’s philosophy when it comes to women’s fitness is centered on working in a team atmosphere, where women help each other accomplish physical fitness goals. Kaia’s location in Redlands offers personal training as well as other option, when it comes to routines and programs to get in shape. The six-week boot camp sessions are all about strength training and conditioning—and Lindy will work you hard! Whether you are an athlete, want to tone up or lose weight, burn fat or maintain a healthy lifestyle, Lindy at Kaia FIT is the perfect place to meet your fitness goals. (A.D.)

700 E. Redlands, Suite U-173, Redlands, (775) 841-2300; www.kaiafit.com.




Mt. Baldy

Nestled in the San Gabriel Mountains, between the 15 and 210 Freeways, is the community of Mt. Baldy, an unincorporated part of San Bernardino County just 12 miles north of Ontario. This literal mountain town is home to Mt. San Antonio, which is the highest point in the SGM range with an elevation of 10, 064 feet. Hikers have four main options when it comes to routes to the top. Each of the four trails is between eight to 13 miles round trip, with the elevation rising between 3,600 feet to 6,000 feet. On one of the trails, a ski lift can be taken part of the way up the summit. The top of the mountain offers great sights of Southern California from up high, especially on clear days. It is known  for its amazing panoramic views of our vast landscape: from the desserts, cities and the Pacific Ocean. (A.D.)





This chain of family fun centers includes go kart racing, bumper boats, a batting cage and rock wall and most importantly, mini-golf, where people of all ages can practice their putting skills on beautiful and exciting green obstacles. Boomers also offers a new and fun approach to mini golf: playing at night. Known as “Cosmic Golf,” it is played in a completely dark room with only neon lights. Boomers will be sure to please mini-golf fans of all ages. Whether its indoor or outdoor, there is plenty of miniature fun to be had here. (A.D.)

Locations in Upland and Palm Springs, (909) 946-1567; www.boomersparks.com.



Riverside Hunt Park

This skate park is just located near the transition of the 91 and 15 Freeways. It is open to all skateboarders, BMX bikers and scooter riders daily from 7am to 9pm. The skate park offers a wide variety of ramps, stairs, rails, pyramids and ledges as well as a small simulated street area to freely ride. You can tell the place is popular among youth, since most days the park is frequented by younger skaters or beginners, but it is open to skaters of all ages and levels. The skate park has restrooms and lights and there is no charge to get in but helmets and other safety gear is required. (A.D.)

4027 Jackson St., Riverside, (951) 351-6132.



Joshua Tree

Whether you love stargazing at night, sleeping in tents in the wilderness or hiking all day among nature, Joshua Tree National Park contains nine campgrounds, which are all open year round. Each campsite can accommodate two cars, two tents and up to 6 people. Group camp site capacity ranges from 10 to 70 people. The park is known for its fascinating rock formations, diverse variety of vegetation, and wildlife and extremely hot summers and mostly mild winter, with some rain in the fall and winter seasons mostly, though not too often. Joshua Tree National Park covers a whopping 792,000 acres, with 630,800 designated as wilderness, which makes it a perfect place for camping on site or even, where designated, in the back country. (A.D.)




SC Village

Located in Corona, between the 71 and 15 Freeways, SC Village is home to a 100 acre property specifically made for the sport of paintballing. With 25 outdoor simulated areas for action packed, paintball gun war games, SC Village prides itself on offering equipment rentals, a helpful staff there to ensure everyone has a fun, fair and exciting time, whether you’re a beginner or an expert paintball gun master. (A.D.)

8900 McCarty Rd., Corona, (949) 489-9000; www.scvillage.com.



Fairmont Park

The playground at Fairmont Park in Riverside is easily accessible for children of all ages and physical abilities. It was built on the notion that all kids should be able to have fun within the playground and use the equipment, even children with disabilities. It is wheelchair friendly, provides a sensory for certain disabled children that they can experience by dance chimes in the floor, drums and sensory walls. The playground equipment was also custom designed to encourage creative interactive play. When the temperatures rise in the summer, the playground also has water-play features, which give guests a much needed opportunity to cool off when it gets too hot. Paved walks give visitors a pathway from the new parking lot adjacent to Fairmount Lake where there is also small fishing and paddle boats. (A.D.)

2241 Market St., Riverside.




Pacific Electric Trail

This trail, which also accommodates pedestrians and hikers, starts near the Los Angeles County Line in Claremont and connects along a 21 mile stretch with the cities of Montclair, Fontana, Rialto, Upland and Rancho Cucamonga. The trail allows for cyclists, pedestrians, runners and others on non-motorized vehicles to enjoy the outdoors, get exercise and/or travel between cities on a common path. The Pacific Electric Trail was named after the route of the historic Pacifc Electric Railway, which was famous for its red train cars that traveled all across the West Coast through to Los Angeles before going inland to San Bernardino. The railway’s expansion ended in the 1950s with the construction of L.A.’s elaborate system of urban and rural freeways. (A.D.)




Coates Cyclery

This is more than just an average bicycle shop. It is a family run and owned business, and has been since 1934. Coates Cyclery features an impressive 6,000 square feet of space with tons of bike parts, accessories, tools and over 200 ready to ride bikes on display, making it the largest independent bicycle shop of its kind in the Inland Empire. This is a store that prides itself not just on customer service but customer satisfaction. The store offers a wide selection of bikes ranging from mountain bikes, cruisers, road bikes and even hybrids, whatever type of cyclist you are, this store has something for everyone. (A.D.)

760 E. Foothill Blvd., Pomona, (909) 624-0612; www.coatescyclery.com.



S&S Ride Shop

Originally opened in 1969, this family owned establishment was first called Riverside Ski & Sport. Today, known as S&S Ride Shop, the storefront contains everything you need if you are into skateboarding, snowboarding. Aside from the boards themselves, the store is also stocked with a large selection of fashionable clothing, apparel, shoes, safety gear and accessories. S&S is known to be one of the most knowledgeable and established independent skate/snowboard shops with a heartfelt approach to customer service. With the motto “For Riders, By Riders,” S&S can provide one of a kind service, advice and wisdom on anything that has to do with skateboarding or snowboarding. (A.D.)

7000 Indiana Ave., Suite 110, Riverside, (888) 930-6290; www.ssrideshop.com.



Big Bear Trails

The region near Big Bear Mountain and the greater San Bernardino National Forest are known to be amazing areas for off road adventures. Big Bear is full of dozens upon dozens of trails and areas made for off-roading. Cactus Flats is a good example of this. It is off of Highway 18, north of Big Bear and south of Lucerne Valley. It has a wide assortment of off-road trails that are clearly marked and strictly enforced, for everyone’s safety and enjoyment. Be sure to check for local weather conditions and requirements for your vehicles prior to your trip. But don’t feel bad if you don’t own your own 4X4 off-road vehicle. Big Bear will make sure you don’t miss out. Big Bear Jeep Tours allows passengers, and an experienced driver to take tours of majestic mountainsides and more, in a completely off-road setting. An added benefit of these tour guides doing all the driving is that these off-road adventures are for the most part offered around the year. (A.D.)




Lake Perris

Lake Perris is the perfect destination for boating and fishing year round. It is roughly 10 miles from Riverside off the 60 or 215 Freeways. The lake is two miles across and three miles long with an elevation of 1,560 feet. Lake Perris has an eco system that supports and produces a variety of fish, which make for good fishing. The lake is regularly replenished with Rainbow Trout and several varieties of bass, by The Department of Fish and Game. Other species of fish in the lake include the Carp, Channel Catfish and Bull Catfish, Red Ear Sunfish, Bluegill and many more. All individuals fishing over the age of 16 must purchase a license from the Deptartment of Fish and Wildlife. (A.D.)

17801 Lake Perris Dr., Perris, (916) 928-5805; www.parks.ca.gov.



The Cove

If you think The Cove is just another local pool or ordinary water park, think again. Sure The Cove offers swimming classes for kids, private pools for birthdays/parties and training courses for lifeguards around the year. But, what makes this state-of-the-art water park so special is the aquatic pirate themed rides and attractions; like a lazy river known as The Ne’er Ending River, the Riptide Reef FlowRider (a wave simulator) and the 180-foot winding and twisting Crow’s Nest Slide. This exciting, water park will ensure that everyone in your family has fun, from adults and seniors, to teenagers and toddlers. (A.D.)

4310 Camino Real, Riverside, (951) 360-1974; www.covewaterpark.org.



Joshua Tree

This iconic, federally protected landmark, which is a national park that lies between Riverside and San Bernardino County lines, is known for its amazing wild life, ancient history, camping, mountain bike trails, hiking paths and outdoor rock climbing. There are more than 8,000 climbing routes and 400 climbing formations in Joshua tree varying in level of difficulty and ability. Other activities include bolt climbing, and high lining/slack lining. Joshua Tree National Park is an immense piece of nature, covering nearly 800,000 acres in a region where the Mojave Desert and Colorado Desert merge together. Because of its natural topography and abundance of rocks, Joshua tree attracts tens of thousands of rock climbers from around the world. (A.D.)




Mt. Baldy

In addition to the huge array of activities such as hiking and camping, Mt. Baldy, is home to the obvious animals one might find common in such terrains: small rodents such as rabbits, raccoons and squirrels, foxes, skunks, crows and other various types of birds, insects, and small snakes, frogs, toads and lizards. But, in the higher more remote regions, people have reported sightings of Bighorn Sheep who call parts of the mountainous higher altitude region home. Other animals that are rarely seen by humans include mountain lions, bobcats and black bears. (A.D.)



Rancho Magnum Range

Rancho Magnum Range is a family owned business, providing great customer service and gun knowledge to all fire arm enthusiasts. Whether it’s your first time shooting a gun or your one-hundredth time, the staff is friendly and extremely informative. They thoroughly explain proper gun etiquette, provide safety and reassurance for all guest at RMR. Offering an array of fire arms and ammunition at a reasonable price (as well as targets for a dollar a piece), RMR is a great place to get in some shooting practice knowing that the staff is at hand to offer great customer service and knowledge. (V.B.)

9049 9th St., Rancho Cucamonga, (909) 987-1299; www.ranchomagnum.com.



Roller Derby

Being predominantly played by women, Roller Derby is an exhilarating contact sport done with a dash of class. The Inland Empire Derby Divas are our token Derby team here in the Inland Empire. Welcoming women from all walks of life and all shapes and sizes, this diverse team works hard and is committed to making roller derby a celebrated sport. While the concept of roller derby isn’t widely known, the Inland Empire Derby Divas have provided information on their website which thoroughly explains the game. If you haven’t already, check out and support our local derby teams or sign up to become a member. (V.B.)




Rancho Cucamonga Quakes

Since residing in Rancho Cucamonga in 1993, the Quakes, along with their mascot Tremor, have been notably cherished by IE locals. In its first five years the Quakes stadium had two million fans pass through its gates and was named by Baseball America Magazine; the Class-A winner of the prestigious Bob Freitas award for franchise excellence. With the Los Angeles Dodgers as their third affiliate of the major league, popularity for the Quakes has been increasing with each passing year. Offering affordable prices for quality baseball, there is no doubt that The Quakes are indeed the best. (V.B.)

8408 Rochester Ave., Rancho Cucamonga, (909) 481-5000.



Brunswick Zone

Well maintained with a friendly and attentive staff, Brunswick has six locations in the Inland Empire offering “All You Can Bowl” specials for only $7 from 9pm-closing. Specials for students K-12 include an “All You Can Bowl” rate from 2pm-5:30pm for $8.99, complete with a personal pepperoni pizza. Drinks and food are well priced considering the cheap bowling rates. With billiards and an arcade, Brunswick has something for all members of the family, as well as a full bar for mom and dad. With a commitment to customer service like no other, Brunswick Zone is definitely the Inland Empire’s best place to bowl. (V.B.)




Hangar 18

With locations in Upland and Riverside, Hangar 18 offers an array of fitness classes including yoga, cross fit, boot camp and self-defense. With over 35,000 square feet of climbing space and routes up to 70 feet long, you are destined to get ripped training at this gym. Said to be the biggest indoor climbing gym in the Inland Empire, climbers are given a variety with frequently changing routes. If you are looking to become a better climber or just better yourself physically, Hangar 18 is the spot to visit. Membership prices are cheaper than most climbing gyms in the area and both members and staff are extremely supportive and friendly. (V.B.)


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